A Form of Energetic Healing That Centers Around Secret Symbols

In addition to the science-based medicine that most people today are familiar with, the world is home to a vast array of alternative medical traditions. With many of these alternative practices having roots that extend back for a thousand years or more, it is safe to say that there is a tremendous range of variety among them. At the same time, many alternative traditions focus in on some of the same common elements, regardless of where they originated from or when.


One of the most consistent themes among these traditions is the idea there is an unseen world of energy lying alongside that of everyday life. In addition to being a momentous place whose events and developments impact the physical world, this normally invisible realm is also one where unusual things can happen. Those who learn to perceive this additional dimension of reality can sometimes go further and actually manipulate what happens there, some believe, thereby achieving things that would not be possible in the everyday world.

Although it is anything but an ancient one, having arisen only in the twentieth century, the body of knowledge known as Reiki falls into this broad category. As one of many types of energy healing that are practiced today, Reiki offers hope that problems that would be insurmountable by Western medicine might be overcome.

Toward that end, skilled Reiki practitioners of the Usui school make use of secret symbols that are thought to be especially powerful in terms of their ability to influence the world of energy and provoke the desired effects. Knowledge of the usui reiki symbols and their meanings is restricted to those who have advanced a long way and proven their ability, as it is thought that doing otherwise might deprive them of their power.

Today, this variety of Reiki is one of the most highly regarded of all, with people all over the world seeking out its potential to add to their own lives. As with any such school of alternative medicine, opinions vary as to its effectiveness, but it is safe to say that there are likely millions of people around the world today who would vouch for it.

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